make specific timeline activities stand out

It would be great to be able to make specific Timeline entries stand out or pinned to the top. Many times there is an entry with notes about the customer such as Important info about key players or information that an executive might need to know before they meet with someone.

Another idea would be to color code different type of entries so they can be easily identified.
+1 for this request. It would definitely help if there was another way to organize the entries, since the icon for different types is not as distinctive since different types might use the same icon. 

I really like the idea to pin the most important to the top of Timeline. 
How do you feel about the ability to add tags to a timeline entry so that you could filter or sort by tags? This seems to be pretty universally popular whether it's #hashtags or just regular tags.
I think that solves one thing, but I'm not sure it solves for highlighting the most important information or something that needs to be highlighted. 

Are you thinking that the tags or hashtags would work similar to tags on the C360 where its a list that is only created by an Admin?
Here's a post I am following regarding tagging timeline activity and in the comments it speaks to admin functionality around them.
+1 for the colors as that is more for the "eye" to catch.  I agree, the tagging would help for sorting//searching, but then different activity types could be used.   Perhaps adding colored Icon to the choices of activity type labels.
Would like to see the ability to add tags/hashtags as well, along with an importance flag.

When transitioning accounts to new CSMs, it would be ideal to have certain entries 'flagged' as a starting point to get the know the highlights of an account without having to read through all entries.
+1 /cheers

Hi team,

any update on this Idea?