Make G360 reports more flexible for customers' admins

Hi everyone -

I saw this post from a couple years ago about allowing more flexibility in G360 reporting. It's marked as "implemented," but I would argue that it's not really implemented. It's just telling customers to get in touch with their CSM to export all their usage data out of GonG. That's more of a workaround than a solution.

I'd like to see us allow admins to access their usage data within their system out of the box as soon as they turn on the G360. Reason I bring this up is we get semi-frequent CSA requests from customers wanting our team to put together custom usage reports that they're unable to configure in the G360. This takes up quite a bit of time for our team and likely is frustrating for our customers too. If we could just let customers configure their own reports, it would be a win-win.

Agree! If we could dig in to the object ourselves and build our own reports it would be very very useful. It has become very frustrating to scroll past countless columns to look for relevant data. When looking at particular usage trends with various types of user behaviors (like managers, csms, and admins) it can be annoying.

Hi  @spencer_engel   Currently this is not a feature area we are investing in because of other priorities. We will add this to our backlog of enhancements to get to.

CS Operations/Gainsight Admins need to have flexible, reportable data to share with leadership stakeholders. Having easy access to this user data to craft our own dashboards is really key. 

+1 for this. We have very different expectations of engagement activity (with gainsight) across functional groups. Sales, leader and product management workflows & roles for instance are quite different to those for CS team members. 


As we’ve expanded our access to and integration with gainsight, without the ability to delineate activity or analytics by group has meant G360 data has been getting ‘watered down’ to the point where it is no longer useful or relevant. 


It’s be helpful to have an option to at least filter/segment existing G360 reports ‘by group’ so we can chose to exclude, compare or focus on metrics that are relevant and helpful.