Make Fields on the Relationship Card View Editable

Currently it is possible to configure fields on the r360 view to be editable. It would be helpful to extend this functionality for fields on the Card View for Relationships.
Yes yes! r360 should work just like c360 in this (and most other!) respects! Great example is the comments/status section which is easy to update on c360 and not possible on r360 within the summary section.
Agreed. You should already be able to edit summary inline within the summary section and we will introduce standard Stage and Status fields for Relationships that would also be editable inline when added to R360.  
Do you know when this will be coming?
Hi Jeffrey,

You can edit comments on R360 summary. Just double click the comments box. It becomes editable. 
+1 When will the standard stage and status fields be available for Relationships?