Make Email Validator available to CSMs and/or add this functionality to other functional areas of GS

I would like to request the Email Validator tool specifically be built into Customer Success focus areas of Gainsight as this is a contact management task that could easily be resolved by the account owners without the need for an additional ticket to Gainsight Admins to go in to administration > Email Configuration > Email Validator.

We are utilizing Journey Orchestrator heavily for the automation for many core components of our customer communication and we do find we are frequently encountering issues with customers being on the bounce list and not receiving these communications in the timeframe we’ve determined is appropriate for that particular communication.  

This could allow for a workflow like utilizing a CTA when an email bounces to alert the account owner for quicker resolution time.




@caffeinatedadmin The bounce list is common across our customer base so it might be risky to expose it to all end users since incorrect entries will end up impacting all customers and Gainsight IP reputation but we will definitely work on making this process easy for admins

@caffeinatedadmin did you get a chance to view comments posted by @nitisha_rathi? Please let us know if you have any questions on this. 

We were able to expose Email Validator to CSM’s in NXT however, it would be useful to unblock emails at the domain level.

Hello @vmoore @caffeinatedadmin 
We are enhancing email validator , we are exposing this list for each tenant and providing ability to unblock is something not yet confirmed, I will keep you posted about unblock capability.