Make Customer field optional in Cockpit

As part of my role here, I am in charge of the config, management, and disabling of proof of concepts in our late stage prospects. There are a lot of steps I go through here, and I'd like to manage this through a Playbook I've made. The catch is that these are prospects, so they don't show in my customer list in Gainsight, so I can't actually create the events in Cockpit. I would love to have a way to make the Customer field optional in certain CTAs.
Thanks for sharing, Jennifer. Have you considered bringing these Accounts into Gainsight? We could flag them as prospects, so that they can be filtered out from certain reports.
If you consider Manu's suggestion, we also have used the "Inactive" status to handle some of these use cases.  The nice part is that Inactive customers won't affect your customer tab, Active customer count or metrics but would allow you to leverage CTAs and even create a C360 with their Usage data for trial customers.