Link to the C360 page via the SFDC Account page

You can easily access a SFDC account page from the C360 but this is not currently possible visa versa (unless you are using the Account widget.) Adding a C360 url link to the account page would be awesome
Brent -- I "solved" this by adding a custom formula field (type of text) to the Customer Info object. The code I used is:

HYPERLINK(""; & CASESAFEID(JBCXM__Account__c), "c360", "_blank")My primary use case is for use within Salesforce reports (like upcoming renewals) or emails where I want to give quick access to the 360 page. The function should work on the Account object as well if you need it there, just change the API reference to use the current account ID.

I did this with the CASESAFEID function because, back when, the 360 page got very unhappy if you didn't use the 18 character ID. Not sure if that's still an issue or not, so that function may be unnecessary at this point. Doesn't hurt, though.
Thanks Jeff!!
Thanks Jeff - I added this as well.  Our formula was a bit different (in case anyone else was wondering): HYPERLINK(""&CASESAFEID(Id), "c360", "_blank")
Thanks, Jason! This formula worked for us. Appreciate you sharing it.