Knowledge Center bot Integration with HubSpot Knowledge Base

We recently moved from Zendesk and Intercom to HubSpot to consolidate our ticket management system and CRM. It would be helpful to integrate with HubSpot Service Hub’s Knowledge Base similar to the Zendesk integration so we could continue to utilize that functionality. 

@Leahjag redirecting this to our integration expert to validate. 

@Leahjag  Will add this to our YATKBI - yet another KB integrations list. Will target Q4 for the same.  Would you be willing to share use cases and any account details so we can do a quick check of the capabilities. Do you know if there is any context based search we can do in Hubspot like domains etc?

@skalle We have this request from Centercode as well. Can we kinldy prioritize this

@harshibanka @gloriamavungu FYI  

@aharkut to this thread.