Knowledge Center Bot Font Customization

For our use case we really want more customization. For starters we would like to be able to customize the font setting in the knowledge bot to better fit with the rest of our portal. It looks a little strange to have our knowledge center bot and engagements in a different font from everything else.

I agree that this is a good enhancement request for KC bot.

@ciarapeter @mickey @alextran

We’re a design centric company and we need control over the styling and fonts of the bot. This is a bare minimum for us to provide a cohesive experience when using the KC bot. 

@jeswong This is under consideration and we should soon prioritize this

@jeswong same situation here - we need to provide our users with a cohesive experience by maintaining our styles throughout the bot. I found that adding an @import tag and including your desired font-family will make your selected font appear, even if the user does not have that particular font downloaded on their machine.

For example, when adding content into your article, click the html view and type <style>
    @import url("yourFontURLhere");</style>. Now that your font-family has been imported, you are free to apply it on any elements you wish. 

Please also look at our requests for additional Knowledgecenter customization!