Knowledge Bot Localization

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Posting on behalf of Trimble MEP (PX customer): 


Product Request: Language localization for Knowledge Center Bot


Business Case: 


As a global company, it’s crucial to target customers with their respective language in order to properly onboard and train them. If the language is not localized:

  • Some users may get confused and not know how to submit feedback.
  • It looks like we were ignoring the language of our customers, when in fact there's nothing we can do about it.
  • There's some sensitivity with customers around the world about the dominance of English.

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Hello Everyone!

Happy to announce that your request has been considered and included as part of the March release. You can now set a default language and translate the KC Bot content into multiple languages

Thanks for posting!


I use this thread to share some challenges when translating the content of the bot:

  • Some content is not added in the Xliff file to be translated (For instance ‘What is the CQI’ in the screenshot below).
  • When we add an external link, ‘Read more’ can not be translated.
  • The external link is unique, which means that I can not add the link that leads to the article in the translated article. Hence, I can translate the content into Spanish but the link will take the customer to the English version when we have the article in Spanish as well. 


@aharkut on this thread

Hi @janire , noticed that there are some content elements that are not exposed as part of Localization XLIFF will add that to roadmap. 

For Read More to support different URLs for different languages - how many language do you cater your users in and for each of the language is the knowledge base content hosted on different URLs?




Hi @janire , The name of the Article can be Localised at the Bot level and not Article level hence it does not show in the preview of the Article while creation.

Why is the name Localisation available at Bot, because you can give custom Display Name in the bot for articles and Engagements hence the localisation of name is exposed at Bot.