Keep connection between template and engagement

Currently engagements seem to be copies of a specific template. Templates should however stay connected to the engagements.

→ Engagements should stay connected to ‘their’ template.

→ Templates should be editable.

→ Modifications to a template should affect all engagements which are based on that template.

→ It should be possible to apply a different template to an engagement.

→ When creating and editing a template, users should be able to set single settings to ‘Don’t inherit’, so that these settings can still be defined for every single engagement.

→ It should be possible to define template variants for languages, for example using a different font-family.

→ The template of an engagement should also be listed in the overview in the engagement editor.

→ It should be possible to apply a different template either in the overview or when an engagement has been opened for editing.

@Susanne thank you for this ample of feedback. I am redirecting this to the product team for more visibility. 


Thank you!

And unlike in the current release I don’t want to have my entire engagement with all texts and steps overwritten when choosing a new template. I just want to overwrite some specific properties such as CSS, background color, audience, ...

We had an update to CSS, and it was time-consuming to update the CSS in all engagements.