KC Bot integrate with Intercom Chat

Lots of apps use Intercom for user > business chat and do not want the KC bot icon to double up next to it. It would be great to be able to enable Intercom chat within the KC Bot. 

As well as reaching out to the customer through an email, would be great to have the opportunity to initiate a 2 way chat between the CSM and the user of the tool. Similar to Intercom.

The chat would be initiated within the clients product that they are using and would be possible for them to open up a dialog with their CSM from within the tool.

Could use https://smooch.io/ SDK instead of building from scratch

Hi Sam,

Could you please add your use-case to understand better.

Thanks for posting!

When a user is active within the product, have the opportunity to start a conversation with your CSM. Similar to live chat on a website for sales purposes but instead a conversation between customer and CSM. We have heard that other CS Platforms are offering this.

@sam_buddery Thanks for sharing this! IThis is not in our current road-map. Will share this with our product team for more visibility.

Hi Sam, which other products are offering this? It feels very much like a support use case vs. a CSM use case though.

Hi @dan_ahrens this came up today with a competitor offering live chat via integration with Intercom. Do we have plans to bring this to the PX KC Bot? https://support.pendo.io/hc/en-us/articles/360032209531-Live-Chat-Integration

Thanks, Sam! Yes, Live Chat integrations w/PX KC Bot is in the PX Roadmap (likely 2H-2021).

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@angelo @Chandu - it would be great to get your thoughts on potentially bringing this into the Knowledge Center bot. 

@dan_ahrens  @sam_buddery  Yes, Live Chat integrations w/PX KC Bot is in the PX Roadmap (likely 2H-2021). This is in the roadmap webinar we are doing today.

Hi @sam_buddery 
Thank you for bring this up. Live chat integration with Intercom is on our PX 2021 roadmap (H2).
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Hello! Is there any update on the ETA for this integration?

After integrating intercom with PX, I would like to be able to view performance on Px.

Hi @Pauline  @verenalaw  We have evaluated this integration  and saw that while the KCBot integration with Intercom KC is achievable and on our Q1 2022 roadmap, the Chat integration in itself is quite complex. We are working with Intercom team to see if there is a way path to it. However, this is more a mid term to long term roadmap item as we still need to evaluate feasibility on the same. We will continue to work with teams and keep you posted on the same.

While we are on this, Alternately , It would be great if Intercom can add a plugin of PX to their Bot. We can provide APIs to expose the list of KC Content for them to plug to their Bot.Can you see if they would be interested in that solution as an Intercom customer?