KC Bot engagment list should be filterable and searchable

Should be able to search and filter the list of engagements, articles, and web links.

Hi @sdreid , with Feb release; search on Articles list in KCBot. We are working on getting this feature on Engagements list page too in KCBot.



As Engagements can have labels, it would be great if we could filter engagements by label.

As Engagements can have labels, it would be great if we could filter engagements by label.

Filter by labels is much more useful for me than search. I would like to filter all engagements with the label that corresponds to my team and also the label that corresponds to a product version.

Hi @mmarques ,


We do understand that Labels is becoming powerful and is a great way to organize the engagements by Labels and hence a filter by Labels is being sought out. Need a clarification here, do you want to Filter by Labels in Bots configuration page - here to add wouldn’t quick search for engagement suffice? 





@aharkut - No, a search will not always work. For example, we are preparing for a new release, and as we create engagements for that release, we add a label with the version number. Someone on the team creates a KC bot specific for that release. To find all the engagements for that release, it would be easiest to filter by label, and then select all the engagements that have the label. The person setting up the KC bot might not remember (or know) all engagements, and there might be similar names to a previous release. In fact, some engagements might be carried forward with the new version label added.

Another scenario is 2 consoles in the same product tag that are used by different sets of users and have different KC bots. Right now, all we can do is include these differentiators in the engagement name. But it makes for a very long engagement name, and we are forever dragging the column width to see the full engagement name.