KC Bot Audience by URL

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*Disclaimer* I”m relatively new to PX and taking over a previously configured KC Bot.


Our product has numerous “modules”, and our current KC Bot includes all our 100+ “guides” (engagements) in a single KC Bot.   This results from the KC Bot not supporting URL in the Audience Logic for a KC bot.   

I see a “recommendation” set that allows you to “suggest” content by URL, but this forces the user to engage deeper into the KC bot to find content that i would prefer be immediately obvious.  I intend to keep onboarding content flat, but nest articles and content related to care and feeding, or deeper learning.   As an example, I’d prefer something like this:

  • Recommended:
    • Best Practices on _______
    • (other “top hits” on our Knowledgebase)
  • Module Overview
  • Guide #1 (onboarding subject #1)
  • Guide #2 (onboarding subject #2)
  • Guide #3 (onboarding subject #3)
  • Learn More…
    • KB deep dive about Subject #1
    • KB deep dive about subject #2
    • KB deep dive about subject #3
    • Best Practices
    • Tips & Tricks
  • CARD w/ images
    • Hands-on Labs (Try it!)
    • Training & Certification
    • Submit Product Ideas

WIth this layout, the KC Bot has less content, so I don’t have to deactivate my entire KC Bot (100+ guides) when I need to modify content related to one module.   I’m also trying to clean up the analytics as we see a huge drop in step 1→ step 2 in our engagements which we think is attributed to users not having permissions.   I could avoid this by limiting the content in the KC bot to only show when the user hits the URL (e.g. they have access). 


Appreciate any insights you all might have as to a workaround for this product idea.


Can your web application or web site send different global context for the different areas? 

I have a similar need where I do not want to the bot to display at all based on the url. Since the audience mapping for bots doesn't include the URL option, I’m at a loss for how to limit the display of the bot to specific pages.

I am also new to PX and still going through training, but didn’t see this covered in the bot training.