Journey Orchestrator: Log to Salesforce should accommodate SF Related Contacts feature

Came across another feature that doesn't support Salesforce Related Contacts - the Log to Salesforce function in Journey Orchestrator.

Without going into details, our query mapped the SFDC Account ID to the ID from the Account Contact Relationship object (since every contact - including direct contacts - have an associated Account Contact Relationship::ID) but it still logs to the activity to the Direct Account to which the contact is associated

We opened a support ticket, and support responded 

"After diving in further we found that the current behaviour is that SFDC activities get created based on the CONTACT ID and the ACCOUNT ID which is assigned to the Contact from the Contact object....After discussing with the internal teams a big more (prod and eng) its confirmed to be an enhancement request."

This request is to make JO log to the appropriate Account ID based on the mapping. 

This of course is in addition to the already requested enhancements to make Related Contacts  work with Email Assist and Timeline

Thanks for posting this Jeff, I agree this would help quite a few customers.

Is there any update or workaround to log emails to contacts as well along with accounts?

I agree. Our use case is slightly different but the sentiment is the same. I think we should have more control over the mapping. 


Contact ID is not always a 1 to 1 match per email address (as Gainsight using email as the ID) 

Pl take note @PavanCh 

I’ve been working the @darshana.shah on this issue from a support perspective. She really just wants the JO emails logged at the account and not the contact level. Is that possible?


resurfacing as I have the same question as @dan_wiegert