Journey Orchestrator: Edit/Remove waits and steps within a program

It seems like there is no way to swap a conditional wait for a wait timer without having to delete everything that comes after that part of the program. This is also true for an email or CTA. Knowing how the needs of customers and our interactions with them evolve, it would be a nice UX improvement to allow users to edit and adjust the flow of a program without having to recreate the entire journey.

I'd like the ability to delete or swap a conditional wait for a wait timer and the ability to swap or add a new step into the program that isn't the last step.
You can see this thread as well

Abhishek confirmed it's a top priority, so that's good news 🙂
I can't seem to find the link that Kelly is raising.

Any one knows what's the status on this most awaited for enhancement?

Here is the post-community-migration link

Hi Team, 

Do we have any ETA to this feature? One of the customer was looking for a similar feature to delete the conditional wait in spite of re-creating the program.



We will be picking it up as a part of JO redesign. It will be available in H2 2021.

@nitisha_rathi - Is this still on the timeline? When should we expect these updates? 

Ability to edit a program after it has been published including changing conditional wait is being picked up for implementation as part of the JO redesign exercise. This is phase 2 of the redesign. We are currently in the UI / tech design stage - As this is a major overhaul, you may look for more updates over the next quarter.

As part of the redesign project for JO,  we have recently released Simple Programs as Beta (JO redesign Phase 1), which greatly simplifies the program setup process for quickly launching single source, single step programs. Please refer to Simple Programs documentation for more details.


Any update on this? Compared to other solution it is becoming a blocker for us because the program are not scalable. 

@Alexandre_Michaud This is one of the next items our Journey Orchestrator team will pick up. We’ll update this thread once there’s more to share. 

Upvote for this feature. This is a blocker for us. @BVirodhula @gpedenzini

@ebuessler  this is still one of the items we plan to take up next with regards to Journey Orchestrator. Thanks for sharing your interest!