Journey Orchestrator - Allow any action after Participant entry

Currently, the only action after the participant entry is to send an email or create a CTA. I'd like to be able to have any action after entry to have better control over the program flow - specifically wait/conditional wait steps, since those can be configured on fields and not just email activity. 

Thanks for posting, Kelly.  For sure we want more actions in Journey Orchestrator.  Having said that, I am not quite following your scenario. Can you give some examples of the actions you are looking for?   

By the way, not sure if this is relevant for your use case but I do want to make sure you know about the Calculated Field capability within Conditional Wait steps.  This allows you to query any data (live) as part of making a decision about the flow of the Program. 
Hi Karl, sure thing. The most relevant scenario that comes to mind is if I can have a conditional wait step following the participants entering the journey, I can segment before receiving any emails. 

Consider wanting to be able to send based on time zone.


Program A x 3, each with its own run time and more complex querying to filter in/out the contacts from relevant countries

Proposed: I bring in all contacts that meet my criteria and immediately enter a conditional wait step:

[Country = A] --> Send Email

[Country = B] --> Wait 6 hours --> Send Email

[Country = C] --> Wait 12 hours --> Send Email

Present scenario leaves a lot of room for error in the original designing as well as edits because they have to be made consistently across all program variations (ask me how I know 😉 ).
Timezone considerations would be helpful in our Programs as well. We are currently sending emails late evening in Europe in order to be in a US daytime and very early morning in Japan/Australia. 
Thanks for the info.  Yes, for sure Timezone handling is an area that needs attention.  Probably this should be handled directly as a feature rather than via a generic mechanism but I take your point, Kelly, that using field values to base decisions on things like the length of a wait step does make sense. 
I'd like to expand on this and request that any action should be allowed after any step.

Right now, a Conditional Wait step (for a No path) can only be followed by sending an email, creating/closing a CTA, Continue, or End. Why can't a conditional wait step (No path) lead to another conditional wait step? Or a wait step? As in, why does the type of path dictate what the available options are? Any action should be available after any step/path.

Looking at the example in my response to Karl 3 different paths is not actually possible without a lot of extra steps and wait timers.

*Edited for clarification

I believe you can have a Wait Timer set after a Conditional Wait:

Only on the yes path - I will clarify my post.