JO Reporting Enhancement - Be able to add multiple reporting categories to Journey Orchestrator program

We find it very difficult to report on our JO program currently. The folder ID does not provide the folder name, so it is basically not useful.

JO should be able to have multiple reporting categories associated bc they are often trying to achieve multiple goals in one program. For example, we have “Feedback” for our “Services” org that we would want to keep separate from our “feedback” from our Voice of Customer.


Another example is our KPI mapping. We would want to map “product type” and “kpi”.


The multiple reporting categories (or even a hierarchy of reporting category and a sub-category) would help us better understand how our JO are meeting the goals of the company.


We could then show our team that we have “x” number of programs in flight that address “y” goal of the company and the metrics associated



Reference to the below idea, but more robust


+1 I love this idea!

@andutta and @ophirsw  I think the Folder ID comment also falls under the general underlying interest of providing labels and not just IDs for things when reporting/troubleshooting etc. Folder ID can be helpful if you need it but the names/labels are what make things human-readable and human-actionable.

Other reporting:

Add custom fields to JO like you can for Call to Action

  • for example, we need to indicate for some of our on-going programs how often they should be reviewed so that we can ensure there were no changes upstream that stopped the query from pulling participants
  • Versioning - we often will clone and tweak a program. It would be helpful to have a field for version rather than relying on naming convention