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Are there any plans to introduce more fonts into the Email template builder in JO? It would be great to have a wider choice than the preset nine. Something like handwriting or more creative fonts - appreciate not all fonts can be easily read by the many email software people use these days but more choice would be great.



Hi @katerina_nemcova you can use different fonts by coding custom CSS, but generally it’s not recommended to use very non-standard fonts as you’ll start to run into issues with compatibility with different email clients. 

HI @dan_ahrens 

Yes, we have already tried that with our corporate fonts - caused quite a lot of incompatibility issues just as you suggested, even some bizarre ones where bullet/number points went all over the place. That’s why I’d love to see a bigger selection in the main menu, if at all possible.

The compatibility issues are caused by the email clients and what types of html and css they support. It’s not something that Gainsight can control, which is why our list of fonts is somewhat basic as we want to provide fonts that have the highest likelihood of being supported by a wide range of email clients.

@katerina_nemcova did you get a chance to view above comments?

Yes I did. Not sure what else to add - I appreciate it’s not easy to add more fonts, still, it would be great to have a larger selection of some standard fonts. Just a thought. 

To add on to this, it would be nice to offer tiered fonts (not sure if that is the official term). For example, we’ve used them when uploading HTML templates that our marketing team has created in Marketo. The email defaults to our branded company font, but if the email client doesn’t support that it shows in Ariel, and if it doesn’t support that it defaults to a generic sans serif font. I love that it allows us to use our branded fonts when we can, but still make it work in all email clients.

yep, we have exactly the same situation. Thumbs up to this suggestion as well. 

I’ve converted this to an idea to capture upvotes. 

Talend is also trying to use Source Sans Pro. Are there any plans to support other fonts?


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We have plans to improve email builder significantly. I will let you all know in a few weeks if increasing fonts will be a part of the first cut.