It would be helpful as an Admin to delete data w/ a Rule instead of manually in Customer Info in SFDC

It would be very helpful to have a way to clear out data with a Rule as opposed to having to go into Customer Info and manually clearing (custom label w/data populated by SFDC)
Thanks for bringing this up.

What field type are you looking at? Text, Picklist, Number, Multi-picklist or in general everything?
It really should be anything...if the field is a text field (most common) then we should be able to remove what is there before the next rule runs and updates the field.  Numbers I would think should be taken into consideration depending on if these are brought in via SFDC, then they should just "update" but with a populated text if the text is removed or updated in SFDC after it is pulled into Gainsight then the old data still exists.  I realize a picklist or multipicklist would probably be more complex to provide this functionality.