It doesn't look like you can remove/edit schedules of recurring CTA's in NXT

I have been working with a customer who wanted to see if there is a way for CSM's to remove a recurring CTA from its configured schedule. Based on the information that I found out from L2 and engineering, there is no current way within the product (or even from the backend) to kill a recurring CTA schedule.

Issue: Per my conversations with L2 Support on their findings from Engineering, there is no current way in NXT to remove a recurring CTA from its schedule after it is created.


Traditionally, there are 2 ways to kill a scheduled CTA :

  • Delete the Parent CTA via Mass Edit -- does not appear possible in NXT at the moment; mass edit has locked filter preventing you from filtering for "is recurring = True"

  • Close the parent CTA -- parent CTA's are invisible to users in the UI. They don't show up in Cockpit, and can't be interacted with via Mass edit. While you can identify parent CTA's in report builder, NXT does not appear to offer a mechanism to kill a recurring schedule on a CTA

Concern: There does not appear to be a mechanism in NXT to allow for a recurring cta to be killed... not even at the superadmin level. One would think that the CTA creator would be able to see the parent CTA, but these are completely hidden from the UI; they are invisible. This could be a much larger issue down the road, and it seems like a product/design oversight that users, and admin's alike are prevented from being able to manage the behavior and schedule activity on recurring CTA's. I just wanted to see if others had experienced the same thing or if this is something that could be looked into further internally.

Internal resources- here is the ticket in question: 84113

@dan_wiegert  i was curious about this although I’m not using NXT, can you create a report on the IDs and use that in the MassEdit to filter those records? It is not the best option but might help chip away at some of the issue.