Is there a way we can change Home page in NXT, From Dashboard to Cockpit, or etc?

Hi team, 

The way we have an ability to show which section of Gainsight should be as default home page in SFDC?

Is there is any possible way we could do this for NXT as well, Like the Home page, showing cockpit, rather than showing Dashboard?

I’m interested in this capability - we are giving users view-only access with the VIEW_GROUP permission set, and they don’t have access to dashboards/the home page (see So it would be nice if we could change the page they see when they log in so they don’t get a 404 error page.

That would be helpful otherwise you have to give them access to the dashboard and some kind of report so the users don’t get surprised but the 404. Its not a great experience though either way. 

Hi Team, 

One of my customer is also interested in changing default login page as “cockpit” due to the same reasons. Can you please let me know if it can be changed into the idea and let us know the ETA for the same? 



@cankney great use case for this. I love this idea. Would be even cooler if the end user could change it themselves if they are a full user. 

This should be a product idea. This would be very helpful for sharing Gainsight with other teams. 

@All, We are coming up with Gainsight Home, which contains Cockpit widget(including other widgets such as Surveys, Scorecard mass edit etc..)

I am pretty confident this will solve your use-case!!! Thanks!

+1 to change the Default page from the Gainsight Home page to some other page.


+1 to change the default page from Gainsight Home to default to dashboards. 

The documentation is wrong and states that if you remove the Home permissions, it will default to dashboards. However, this defaults to a 403 error message page.

@rakesh for updates on this idea

@Neha Gupta  can