Is there a way to use the Cockpit Calendar integration (gsuite or outlook) to pull calendar events from an external calendar into Timeline?

I was speaking with a customer: Anthony from Degreed, and he had a rather interesting use case to ask me about. In the past few releases, Gainsight introduced Cockpit/Calendar integration for Gsuite and Outlook. It is a great feature that writes CTA info onto an external calendar.. but currently this functions standard operation is a one way push from GS to the external Calendar. There does not appear to be bidirectional capability in this features current function.


Anthony wanted to see if there was a way to use this cockpit calendar integration to pull meeting details from his external calendar and automatically create timeline activities. 

His main asks were: 

  • if there is any way to sync calendar events INTO Gainsight today.  
  • if you know of any possible partner solutions or workaround
  • if there is a plan/roadmap item to introduce this functionality

I did float this ask internally and did get a few responses. This ask did seem to resonate with some of my other customer facing counterparts, so this ask does seem to warrant additional use case conversations. 


@dan_wiegert Thanks for sharing it here! looks valid use-case for me. Let me check with the product team on the same.

Hello @dan_wiegert 
We do have plans to build ability to sync calendar events to timeline as activities, tentatively by Q3. This feature will provide you an ability to log your calendar events as timeline activities form your calendar itself.


Very excited to hear this @chethana - please keep us posted on the “timeline” for this timeline enhancement.  Thank you!

I’d be happy to volunteer to discuss this feature and participate in user research if it’s needed for scoping.  


When switching to Gainsight from YesWare I assumed this feature would be available because it functioned beautifully in the Yesware and Salesforce integration. Finding out I have to log meetings in both my calendar and Gainsight was the biggest disappointment I’ve encountered since onboarding. I’d love to see this improvement. :calendar:

echoing @chazen on being a part of this conversation.



I would like to add a +1 to this request.  Our SE’s work from their calendars and one note - to have the ability for them to log their notes from within either of these would significantly reduce the time a CSM waits for the ability to see those notes.

@Sneha Naranje , @soumitrasahu any helpful info in this regard?

+1 to this request.  It would so a lot of time for the entire CSM team.

I wonder where this stands -- we have the Gainsight Assist Plugin for Gmail, a calendar integration would really be great.

@arunabhat & @mpatra : My customer want our client meetings scheduled via Outlook to post to timeline as a client activity, including the subject line, attendees, and any attachments or agenda set in the body of the email would be preferred.

Do we have any update on when we can expect this?  It would save our CSMs hours of work each month.

Let me elevate this thread internally.

The usefulness of this addition to Gainsight assist, to be able to be used within the meeting functionality of Outlook, was just brought up in a meeting today.  Do we have an update on this request?  Thanks!