Is there a way to show progress toward renewal goals in Reports 2.0?

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Is there a way to add a line to a Current Year renewals chart so that we can see how we're tracking toward our renewal goal?
We'd also like to be able to show a goal line in reporting.  The specific use case at my org has been health score goals.
I agree this is useful use case. Over the next few weeks we want to gather requirements / determine scope. One initial question - Do you view this goal as a static number that admin enters or is calculated formulae based on past data or some other fields/values? Also I can imagine how I visualize this in table, bar, line charts. Should we limit it to these visualization and just ignore goal for other visualizations?
It would be ideal to have the option to have a static number that the admin enters or have the option to calculate the goal based on data (for example renewal goal of 80% current ACV). The visualization, for our purposes, would only be needed in table, bar, and line charts, so ignoring it for other visualizations would be fine. 
Thanks Cara. One more question - would goals be at top-level, or would you also expect to define goals by slices e.g. forecast goal by product, forecast goal for account manager A, forecast goal for industry = finance etc. etc
Currently we're only looking for top-level goals.
Ok that's helpful to know. top-level and constant goals make it easier. We'll now determine if that alone can be MVP or we need to add a bit more flexibility. We'll work on this over the next few week to get it to engineering in Q3
Glad to hear, thank you for update!
Hi All,

Has this been released? 

Looking for a way to set static numeric targets and then compare against actuals over time.This would be broader than renewals, we would want to see planned, forecasted and actuals for things like user adoption/utilization targets or other metrics targets. 

These would be monthly targets that could be rolled up. Targets would be assigned to account owners or anyone on an account team. 

I can file a separate request as well.

Hi Daniel, Not yet. We are currently trying to figure out the details (since a static number may likely not be enough). I will post update here in next few weeks to get yours and others input once we have more details. Thanks
Thanks. In my use case, a static target would need to be set which would change later. For example, a sales quota for the most part does not change within a quarter.
I received a question from a customer:

Does Gainsight have any tips or tricks for creating a chart or graph that has a goal indicated?  Like a line on a bar chart we're trying to reach or a pie chart with 100% being the goal value? 


I recall seeing this done by either using a dataspace or by creating an MDA table to store the goal number alongside the actual so that the two numbers could be show on the same report.

The goal number could either be a static number or dynamic based on an SFDC field or a formula. You could even do more advanced calcs using bionic rules and formula fields to create your goal number and then publish that using a rule to a field that can be accessed for reporting. 
Is there any documentation on how to do this? 
Hi Angela, this link has information on how to add a custom field to a Gainsight MDA object. You can also contact your Gainsight CSM and they can help you if you have additional questions on putting this into practice.