Is there a way to export playbooks?

Looking to export the playlist so I can review with my manager and we can finalize on what tasks we want associated with each playbook.  Would be nice to have a paper copy, for review.

There isn't an export option right now, but it's an interesting feature suggestion. Some of our customers actually start with an Excel worksheet of their Playbooks and associated tasks, and then copy/paste the content into our Playbooks. 
Thanks Lila, I appreciate it.
This would be extremely useful for us as well!!  We have a number of playbooks we would like to analyze with our 30+ person team, and it would be helpful to be able to pull a report of all playbooks, or mass update due to process changes within our company.
For reviewing Playbooks, you may want to try creating a report on the "Playbooks Task" object under Admin --> Reports 2.0.  Once you build your report, you can export to Excel.  Although this won't help with mass updates to your Playbooks, hopefully, it will help with the analysis.  

I'd recommend starting with the following columns in your "Playbook Task" report: playbook id name, subject, description, display order, due date source name (which will be really important after the new capabilities coming in the January release!), delta days, priority, status, and then optionally 'skip option name' and 'has dynamic owner'.  Feel free to explore other fields but I think these are some of the most important ones for your analysis.
It would be great even if the playbook listed fully without having to scroll.  Right now I have to take a screen shot, then scroll and take another screen shot if I want to easily send the playbook to our training team.  Otherwise, I have them typed up in excel, but things often change and it is not ideal to keep updating.  
I don't have all of those fields.  Is there something I need to do on my end to make them appear?  Of your list, I have only Playbook ID Name and Display Order.
I really need an export playbook feature as well. This is causing a serious delay in actually setting up our workflow. 
+1 to this. Explaining playbooks with tasks that indirectly impact or are impacted by other teams (not in SFDC/Gainsight) is proving challenging!
Thank you Elaine for the details on how to create a Playbook Task report that can be exported - very helpful!
Is it in the roadmap to have a simple export? The report gets very length and it would be great to be able to do a 1-pager of a specific Playbook so that it can be shared when there is a question around it or we are reviewing it to ensure it is still valid. 
Hi Samantha, I'm going to convert this post to an "Idea," since we're still hearing requests like yours for a playbook export feature. I've also added the product manager for the Cockpit area to provide input. Thanks!
I'm not sure if Playbooks will be part of v1 (most likely shipping in November), but we are working on a feature that would allow you to snapshot and export (spreadsheet) every configuration detail in your Gainsight instance, including rules, playbooks, layouts, etc.
As Manu said, playbooks export is not a part of Nov release but we will prioritise it soon. 
Thanks! The report is helpful for the time being as we simply created a dashboard for Gainsight Set-up that folks can reference for questions. 
Manu, when will that export feature be available?  You mention ed Nov.  Is there a whitepaper explaining how it works?
Manu, when will that export feature be available?  You mention ed Nov.  Is there a whitepaper explaining how it works?
Hi Bill, 

We are releasing v1 of 'Configuration Snapshot' in November. It doesn't include Playbooks, though, just object configuration and rules for now.
Hi again... I'd just like to reiterate the value of an exporting playbooks feature for our company.  We're going through some security audits right now and the processes outlined in these playbooks would be really great to export for our IT team.  right now, we're taking screenshots, which works, but is not ideal.  thanks!
This is currently a pain point for our organization, as our CSM team was accustomed to being able to easily view a playbook and all of its related task details prior to moving to Gainsight. We do not want to open up playbook edit access outside of our Operations team, and we would like for our CSM team to be able to see playbook details outside of an assigned CTA. It would be helpful if we could periodically export playbook details. Alternatively, it would be valuable to have way to provide a read-only view of playbook and task details to our team. Any workarounds, suggestions, or ideas are welcome.
Hi Karen,

You can use Playbook Permissions for it. In Administration > Playbook Permissions, add the users and give them the access as per your process. 

If a user does not have all create/edit/delete permissions then she will be able to only read the playbooks and tasks.


@Nitisha - so you're saying if a person only has Create permissions, they can only view the playbooks/tasks?  They cannot create them?  That seems incorrect or not a very intuitive design.

@Karen we can test this internally.
@Nitisha I probably misunderstood you and you misunderstood Karen.

Our CSMs can already view the Playbooks and see the tasks themselves...but we want the CSMs to be able to view the task details (i.e. Description).  We put information in the Description including links to resources, etc.  CSMs cannot see those unless we give them Edit access which we do not want to do.  

An enhancement request would be to either provide a "View only" option so that CSMs can open the tasks up and see those details OR provide a way for us to export these into a format that is consumable by users without those permissions.

Ideally both would be possible.

+1, it would be helpful if there was an easy way to export all playbooks and associated tasks for audit purposes. 

@cmultanen completely agree with you and thanks for bumping this up. Let me check if there are any possibilities.

@cmultanen We don’t have this planned in the immediate roadmap but would like understand further. Would a tabular list view with the playbook and the corresponding tasks (with task details) work as a solution for audit? Would you still need an export if you can view this data within gainsight only?