Is there a plan to add more objects besides Account and Customer Info to the Attributes section of C360?

Right now, I am only able to add fields to the C360 page that are from the account or customer info objects. This is really limiting and in turn requires the team to go back to SFDC for certain pertinent information. I can't rely on putting everything into an embedded report. Is there a plan to allow you to add more fields outside of these two objects?
Hi, We understand your concern and redirecting this to our product team.

Let us see how does other customers need this functionality. 

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Hi Sai, wanted to bring this up again. Its really limiting to display information on the C360 page when the only option is by attributes section which only allows you to pull in data from the account object, OR how we mostly display things in by embedding the report to show the data. Obviously it is much cleaner to view the fields in the attributes section than in a report form. We want the team to be able to live on the C360 page so they don't have to navigate so much back to Salesforce, but when the data is much cleaner to view in SFDC it makes it hard for them not to go back and forth.
Sorry for the frustrating situation.  Can you give me some of the main examples of objects/fields that you would like to edit from the 360?   Besides making sure I have a precise understanding of your use case, I am trying to get at when you want to do things in an attribute-like section versus related lists with edit capabilities (like we have now for Salesforce objects but edit takes you to the salesforce page).  
Our current example would be the implementation object. It isn't just for the editing capabilities, but almost even more so how the information is displayed on the page. The C360 page is also used primarily for us to view necessary information about the account. When just viewing this information on the C360 page, it is much cleaner to view it in an attributes section than having to pull it into a report where you have a very large box, just to view some necessary fields. 

And if you want to list out multiple fields in the report it becomes restrictive as showing too many fields requires you to have to scroll across the report. It almost makes viewing the account information easier and cleaner from Salesforce which ideally we don't want to be the case because we want our team to stay in Gainsight as much as possible. I'm not sure if this was the goal of the C360 or if the idea was that end users would still navigate back to Salesforce to view important account details.

Thanks.  That definitely helps. For sure we want folks to stay in Gainsight as much as possible.  

Just to make sure I have all the specifics, the account looks up to the implementation object, not the other way around?  And so, in particular, there is always only one implementation record per account.  Right?  
For us, the implementation object looks up to the account object. So an account record may have multiple implementation records but an implementation record can only be associated with one account. 
Ah, thanks for that clarification.  Given that there could be more than one Implementation object per Account, how do you see an Attributes-like interface working?  I take your point that the list view is kinda underwhelming in a case like this but it does at least handle the multiple record possibility.  Perhaps a drop down to select which one but have a whole layout for each one?  That wouldn't let you see more than one at once but maybe that is ok.  Or perhaps something like the list view but with the ability to pop over an attributes-like view for a given record?
Yeah that's a good point. I see how using an attributes like section becomes more difficult if there are multiple records. But the idea of a drop down where you are able to choose another record if there is one would be ideal. If not, it just defaults to the only record that exists. That wouldn't be an issue to only see one layout at a time since one layout pertains to one record, so you actually wouldn't want to view more than one at a time anyway. 
Got it.  Thanks for the input and detail.  I totally see how this makes sense. 
We're facing the same issue. We originally kept implementation information on the Account page, but in order to clear the clutter there we've moved it to its own object. This object looks up to the Account object but now, we cannot use the fields in the Attributes section. We have 3 Record types for the new implementation section and a dropdown option to show which record type we'd like to choose from would be ideal.
We need the ability to add fields from the Company object to the C360 Attributes section and that does not appear possible.

Hi - I believe this use case is along similar lines. I would like to add dropdown lists to the attributes section, such that we can maintain account data in Gainsight directly. Our use case is that the Salesforce account record is maxed on available fields, so we’d like to enable users to manage Relationship specific information in Gainsight.