Is it possible to Export Results from Path Analyzer?

I’m running some data through Path Analyzer and the information is interesting. However what I really would like to see are the quantitative number behind each path.

Is there a way to export this data to CSV for further analysis in a spreadsheet?


Hi Adam, does this post help with understanding what the export options are?

It does. So unfortunately it looks like the answer to if Path Analyzer results can be exported is no 😞.

Would you like me to convert your post to an Idea (ie. feature request)?

That would be great, thanks

Hi Adam!


Thanks for the PX Community post!


The user, session and feature usage data cannot currently be exported from Path Analyzer, so it would definitely require a feature request for our PX Product team to consider adding this.


Path Analyzer is intended to be an interactive visual analysis tool and one can click on some of the features (plus change parameters in the main toolbar) to see how the display changes to provide insights about how users and user session traverse the PX-tracked application. 


See the sample below when I click on a specific feature and I can see deeper statistics about that feature’s usage and the “blue” before and after flow path is shown.  Cool stuff!


If there is a specific feature you see in Path Analyzer that you would like to export the “users” or “account” details for, then you can recreate that filter using the Feature and date range in Audience Explorer and/or Accounts explorer such as in the screenshot below:


Converted to an Idea.