Is it possible to configure one report to show different columns in JO-Programs


I am trying to use two programs to send reports to different set of internal people. Can I use one report and change the columns displayed in the email sent to the recipients?

  1. First Program is for Executives - They have a report showing columns - ABCDE
  2. Second Program is for CSMs - They should receive a report showing columns - ABCDG

I tried to move the columns when configuring the report in the program builder - email setup. But that does not change the layout of the columns shown in the report


Let me know if you need additional information regarding the same



@sjoshi I don’t think it’s possible currently.  You’d have to have 2 different reports, and then you could use email template variants to send the different reports in the same outreach.

Hello @sjoshi,
As mentioned by @heather_hansen  we don’t have his capability as of today. Can you provide me the use case where such reports will be needed.

@heather_hansen - I went ahead with creating two reports keeping the different audience in mind. 

@chethana - The use case is when you need to send a Survey Report to your exec team as well as CSM team, but want to alter the columns a bit so that each team gets what they are supposed to focus on.


Thanks for the update


Hello @sjoshi 
Let me add this to roadmap.I will update once this is prioritized.