Internal Cases vs CTAs

Does anyone have any recommendation on the use of internal cases vs CTAs?  Currently (and pre-Gainsight) our CSMs create Salesforce cases to send to internal agents for account issues, technical issues, etc via assignment rules.  However, these internal issues are not sparked by a rule or CTA.  We have tried to move our CSMs into creating CTAs for these internal agents but it is far more cumbersome for them to decide a CTA name, reason, type, and select a playbook and then transfer it all to the necessary agent.  Not to mention it is very hard to report on when they are selecting various CTA reasons that don't always correspond to the actual reason of the case (user error!).  If we had only a few CSMs I could see how manually creating CTAs for others to do would work but when you have about 300 CSMs creating dozens a day it gets tricky. 
Thanks for sharing, Ellen. I see three problem areas:

  1. The experience of creating these CTAs, compared to that of creating Cases
  2. The experience of routing these CTAs to the right internal owners
  3. The experience of reporting on different CTA attributes, such as reason codes
Which one would you say is the biggest challenge today? I'd be happy to connect directly offline to double click on each, and to figure out how we can improve the flow and usability. 


Thanks, Manu.  All are extremely important for the ease of use of our end users.  I would say 1 and 2 are the most important, and 3 is something we can manage to as long as we set up clear reasons. 
I am kicking this over into an Idea because it will be classified as a feature enhancement. Moving over into idea should get eyes from the team into any potential solutions. 
I have been searching the community for a solution that I believe aligns with this initial post.

My team works primarily out of SFCD cases and I am looking for a way to have a case created from a CTA.

We currently have a CTA that fires for an account issue that had previously just been assigned to the CSM. We now need to have that information go straight to our Support Team however, they do not work out of Gainsight.

I was thinking I could create a new rule that used Action Type -> Email which would then send an email to support@ which would create the case, but I am stuck. There doesn't seem to be a way to manually type the email address you want to use without needing to map it to a Saleforce contact/field.

Does anyone have any ideas?
In our November release (Nov 29th), we are adding the ability to link Cases to CTAs. This means you'd be able to associate an existing Case to a CTA or create a new one from inside the detail view. Would that help? 

Additionally, it would also become possible to tie Cases to Survey responses, but I'm not sure if that's relevant for you.
That would be huge! Thank you for updating me!