Integrated Chat Support through Zendesk

We were hoping to get integrated chat support via an engagement which would link through to Zendesk to create a ticket and allow for our support staff to chat live with Users who need assistance.

cc: @ciarapeter / @mickey

I would second that, especially if we could apply audience filters to determine who sees the support chat window. Some of our clients/partners may or may not want chat support enabled, and that would be much more difficult to manage through hard coding in our product. Perhaps this could be a component integrated into the Knowledge Center.


You can embed a Chat button in an in-app engagement, if this a targeting use case to offer chat based on user behavior

Here's how to embed buttons that will trigger Zendesk chat:

<button "zE('webWidget', 'show')">Show Chat</button><button "zE('webWidget', 'hide')">Hide Chat</button><button "zE('webWidget', 'open')">Start Chat</button>

Hi Julie

What would be the citeria to show the chat option?

Hey Mickey!

I could see a scenario in which we would set the audience criteria to some of the following options:

  • Account Name is _________

    • if it's a specific client that has upgraded to have chat support enabled
  • Integration Type is _______
    • this is a custom attribute for us, it would filter at the partner level, rather than at the individual client level
  • Segment = Accounts Upgraded to Chat Support
    • we may have a scenario in the future where we offer Chat support as a premium support upgrade. We might then create a Segment in GPX to include the accounts with this upgrade, then use the Segment as the audience criteria. That way, if we need to add or remove an account, we can just edit the Segment without having to Pause and Relaunch the engagement.
Hope that helps clarify!

CC @mickey Do we have this on the roadmap to allow certain accounts/users to only see the chat support?

We just recently upgraded our ZenDesk plan to include their chatbot and AI, it’d be so great if we could include this within the Knowledge Center Bot. This way we can ensure we target the KC Bot to the correct cohort and give the ZD Answer Bot as an enhanced Knowledge Center experience for our “Fully Automated” cohort - but then potentially the Chat with a live agent to our Enterprise cohort