Integrate Email Rendering Tools with Journey Orchestrator

Many ESPs (mailchimp, campaign monitor) and MAPs (Marketing Cloud, Campaign) offer in-product integration with Email on Acid or Litmus to ensure the email in the WYSIWYG delivers as expected. 

For text-based emails, there may be less of a need but I’m finding no matter how cleanly I draft within the editor or I keep the code, it invariably gets overwritten with html bloat and renders different than in my tests to myself and how it appears in the platform. It’s difficult to ensure the tests I confirm through my mail server will deliver that way across device/os/mail servers, being able to verify rendering within Gainsight would be extremely helpful.

@kelly Thanks for sharing it here. We are in the process of redesigning the JO, hope this feedback helps to our product team. I am redirecting this to our product team for more visibility.

I believe this may be in the works already? @nitisha_rathi Any updates?

@ana_g Yes, this is already in progress and possibly a Q1 priority for us. I will update more in a 1-2 weeks.

Hi @nitisha_rathi any updates on this? Thanks!

Hello @ana_g 
Currently we are working on this, we will keep you posted when this functionality will be available.