Insert table in 360 Timeline Activities

It would be great to be able to either insert or copy and paste tables into the logged Activities for Timeline 360. If I copy paste at the moment, it pastes as text and loses all table layout
Just to add an example scenario:

Details are logged into a spread sheet showing the product, additional features, associated dates, and related actions.

When logging a call/meeting on Timeline, it would be useful to copy/paste this info in the same table format as a reference point, rather than retyping. It also keeps the information visually clearer if we can use a table.
Hi Sarah,

Thanks for the post. We will look into the possibilities of adding this feature and will you updated about the status.


Our team has the same request.  They often create on-site agendas in tables and would like Timeline to support tables, charts, pictures, etc. 
+1 for this idea, we would really like to have the ability to copy &past tables into activities in timeline

@nitisha_rathi : Is there an update on this feature ?

Seems like we are also running into the same issue of copy/pasting and loosing table format.

Is there a workaround available ?

@sarah_coote @melissa_terrell @arielab

So, the teams who are running into issues of loosing table format while copying and pasting. How are you able to workaround it ? Have you advised your teams to re-type the meeting notes rather than copying and pasting.


I am also interested in this topic. We would love to have the option of using tables at the timeline and also in Success Plans.

I imagine this feature quite similar to what confluence offers. This one would increase the value of Gainsight heavily. We have several different tables that we would like to store in Gainsight (timeline and success plans). We even have colleagues who not really use Gainsight because of the missing tables option.

@smitamohapatra Can you please check if this is something which will be established soon? We really would love to see this feature!

My team is using email to timeline (bcc copy to timeline) instead of logging activities correctly (i.e. using meeting activity type) because it allows a table to be added.  The inability to add a table from the activity creation is forcing bad practices on our team.  I’d like to see a way to create or past a table to timeline activities. 

@All, Thanks for bringing this up! We have accepted your request and added it to our long term road-map. I will update you here once we consider this for release 

@sai_ram  Do we have an ETA on this? I have had multiple requests internally for this as we are pushing adoption with our renewal coming up.

Yes, ETA would be great on this please

Yes, ETA would be great on this please

@andrew_cummins sorry for the delay on this. This is added to our road-map and change the status accordingly.No ETA as of now. I will update you here once I hear from Team. 


Looks like there has been no change in the last 4 months. Any eta to share? 

athenahealth is also looking for this feature!

Hi, Thanks for sharing this feedback. This is a valid ask but, We don’t have an immediate plan to support this as the team is occupied with other High-Priority items.

Hi, we would also like to say the ability to insert tables would be valuable. It is how we conduct customer meetings and interactions.

Hi, Thanks for sharing this feedback. This is a valid ask but, We don’t have an immediate plan to support this as the team is occupied with other High-Priority items.

As this item has 44 votes and is 4 years old, please consider prioritization as part of the plan to simplify Gainsight.  Thank you.

+1 for our team as well. We have the need to add table fields in timeline activities and other places like Success Plans.

Any updates on this request?

@gopal_rao_kallepu , @Chirag are we able to share any updates?

FYI @Bhawya 

@Bhawya , @Dheepak G could you pl take a look?

I’d also really appreciate this simple functionality! When documenting progress / updates on multiple projects and topics in a meeting, tables are the simplest way to organize topics. Currently, pasting a table from elsewhere doesn’t work because the formatting doesn’t carry over. Our team is currently attaching tables as meeting notes, which means we’re not able to use Timeline to search past documented topics because attached content isn’t searched.

This is a high priority for our teams as we try to move them out of using OneNote and into using Timeline. Not having the ability to at least copy in a table makes this a deal breaker for some of our users.