Inline Generic Survey Question feedback

Have recently started using inline survey questions more for generic surveys, and have some feedback.

  1. There’s not a way to manipulate the font of the survey question, so it winds up not matching the font of your email template and can look poorly formatted.  Would love to be able to configure to use the same font as the template.
  2.  With the different available options of formatting, we’ve received feedback that it’s difficult to know where to click for the question response.  For example, the one with the colored boxes requires you to click on the text of the response and not just in the box.
  3. It’s not clear on the Program Details page that the question has to have a control type of Radio in the survey set up in order to be used in the program.  Might be good to add that as a tool tip somewhere.

Hey @heather_hansen, thank you for your post and suggestion. These kind of suggestions/ideas help us enhance the product. Appreciate your inputs and also forwarding it to our Product Manager to check and confirm if this could go on our roadmap. 

Hi @heather_hansen, thanks for your post! Hope the comments below help you! 


  1. Survey font can be changed from the Survey properties page > Theme > Questions. Are you looking for additional font support in surveys?
    1. Are you referring to checkbox questions?  Could you share more details about this - perhaps with screenshots - so that I can work with my team and look into it for you
    2. Thanks for the suggestion. I am looping in @chethana who manages JO and can look into this further.

+1 on being able to import other fonts


  1. It’s not the font on the actual survey.  It’s the font on the inline question compared to the font of the rest of the email.
Notice the “If your renewal…” doesn’t match the rest of the template.
  1. In the same example, you have to click on the actual words in the question box for it to register your response.  Would be ideal if you could just click on the box.

Thank you @heather_hansen - this helps clarify! I will forward your feedback to the right team who manages email templates.

Hello @heather_hansen 
Is this particular to any email client?

That was Gmail, but it shows the same if you view the Preview in the Journey itself.

Thanks @heather_hansen 
We will check this and update you.

@andutta Can I get an update on this?  It’s definitely still causing me issues, and I don’t have any workarounds currently.  


@andutta Can I get an update on this?  It’s definitely still causing me issues, and I don’t have any workarounds currently.  


+@PavanCh when you are back from vacation