Increased Administration Audit Capabilities

Hi All,

We could benefit greatly from increased audit capabilities & audit logs across all admin functions in GS. Example use case -- I noticed a new Activity Type was added in our system. But I'm not sure who added it, when it was added, when it was last modified or where it's being used. At first glance, I'm also not sure if it's a custom type, or a standard one provided out of the box.

This is very difficult for companies with multiple admins, and/or admins who are taking over once implementation has already been completed.


From an ease of use perspective, It would be helpful to see all of this audit details in the same place where this is configured (rather than go to a separate place to see it).

E.g. next to the field you can add the edited by & date/time, created by & date/time, and a button for "where is this used"


I'd also request that this audit tracking be added in multiple areas across the system - not just in Activities & Timeline. For example, I think it would be extremely beneficial to have this level of traceability in all areas such as CTAs, Playbooks, etc.



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