Increase Email CC Limit on AO and CoPilot Outreaches

Hi there,

Are there any plans to increase the email copy limit on AO and CoPilot outreaches?

Right now, you are limited to CC'ing up to 3 separate emails aliases or users. We have some situations where we want to send internal emails to client's full account team such as CSM, Seller, Ops manager, etc. 

With the current limitation, it is tricky send these emails to all the necessary team members. I know we could use custom email aliases on our end but for it would be nice if this limit was larger so that we can make the emails more targeted by role and user. 

Makes sense.  Thanks for providing the use case.  I will raise this with the team

This would be helpful for copying an entire account team to an email using tokens.

@cmultanen Thanks for posting it here. I want to consider the feedback from other customers as well. 

@All, please up-vote here to show your interest on this request, we change the priority of the road-map based on the customer interest.