Increase character limit when emailing to Timeline

Is there a way to increase the character limit when emailing to TImeline? Or a different alternative to the solution of encountering the limit? I don't like the idea of miles long email chains being logged, but how else can Email to Timeline be used if the chain is long?

Hi Jessica, the current limit is 33,000 characters, which is equivalent to over 10 pages of printed out text. Does that feel like it's not enough characters still? Have you tried trimming the oldest parts of the email conversation, especially if the email thread was earlier posted to timeline, as it would be redundant info?

Hi Dan! I agree it's not necessary to log it - definitely redundant. Problem is the content still exists in the email chain and CSMs prefer not to trim in out of the chain as clients might need to reference it. So when they go to BCC Timeline, it's impossible to log. I feel like an ideal solution would be for Timeline to log only the latest characters? to auto-cut really old ones past a certain length from the log? I'm not sure the best way to handle, but know it's a problem! Our CSMs ultimtely end up not using Email to Timeline, and simply copying and pasting the latest exchange into Timeline, which hurts adoption of Email to Timeline.

I agree with this ask. This is a major ask from our team right now to move more workflows into GS. 

We will very soon make the change to truncate characters > 30K and log the email to Timeline.

I had a user who raised this issue as well today. Would be really great to see a fix for it.

Hey team,


This came up for me today as well. Do we have any ETA when this will be released?

Hello Team, 

Hoping for an update on the plan to truncate the emails as well. Our team is running into the limit issue as well. Many times there are large paragraphs in our client’s signatures surround privacy policies to stay incompliance with federal and international standards in our space. That adds very quickly to the character limit. 


Thank you!

We have not been able to get to it because of other priorities (you would see a lot of new functionalities with Oct release). I will keep you posted once we are able to pick it up.

Hi all, this would also be very helpful to us! We have members on our team who are waiting to log activities until the entire interaction is complete so this would be a helpful update.

Hi Team, 

This is a very hot topic at our company too!  We just launched Gainsight and our users are struggling to adopt logging their emails to the timeline because of the number of bounce backs they receive for character limits w/ long threads. 

Any update regarding timing for this feature would be super helpful!


@dan_ahrens : The reason the bcc feature is used is to cut down the amount of time needed to log events in the timeline. Trimming an email down just so the bcc feature can be utilized pretty much defeats the purpose of the feature. 


Allowing for all characters in an email to be sent through the bcc function would be greatly appreciated. The goal of Gainsight is to help us become more efficient and this bcc function definitely helps when able to use it.


Thank You!

@dan_ahrens  - +1 here as well. A CSM just asked me about this… true, we can trim it down, but we want to make this as easy as possible for the CSM with “one click”



@dan_ahrens I just ran into this today with a client.  They use email as their basic communication with customers.  They keep a running email with many replies and back and forths. It would be great if there was a way to auto truncate or choose to include all replies or most current or something for the timeline activity.  In Gmail they must keep on the replies together but in GS they only need the most current and GS takes care of the rest.  Keep in mind, sometimes the whole chain is needed too.  But once the whole chain has been posted once, it doesn’t need to keep being posted.  

@dan_ahrens following up to Lori’s note CSM org is getting ready to get live on Gainsight in the next month or so. We have many email threads with clients that continue on for a long time/will exceed that character count. It won’t make sense to have to start a new thread every time or copy/paste just for the sake of logging in Timeline...the most important thing is the end experience for the customer and the streamlining of communication. 


If there was a way to only log the most recent email response (vs. the entire thread each time) that would solve the problem, and it would be more accurate from a Timeline standpoint anyway. 

@soumitrasahu - what are your thoughts on the approach of truncating text that exceeds the character limit so at least the most current conversation string can be sent to Timeline? 

@dan_ahrens we are looking into this. We have faced some issues with truncating text in the past. We are looking into other options.

Adding another vote to truncate email strings that exceed the limit instead of rejecting them.  Our CSM’s run into this frequently, and it is frustrating.  Thank you!

I came to give this same feedback but it looks like this has potentially been in the works for about a year.  I would love to see emails truncated rather than rejected. Each of our CSM’s manage a book of business between 200-800 customers.  When an email is rejected for length and we have to manually shorten it and then forward it to the timeline that extra time really adds up. It is especially frustrating on an email chain with a customer that has already been rejected and you know each new email is going to result in a manual add.  Any updates on this since @soumitrasahu posted 7 months ago? 


Hello team! This continues to impact our CSMs and present a point of frustration. CSMs presently have to comb through rejected entries and manually shorten their messages several times a day, which is not scalable and discourages the adoption of Gainsight Assist/Timeline. Thank you in advance for the consideration!

Hi Team, Another vote on this from our team as well. A CSM reached again regarding this and we would like something to be done about it.