Increase ability to format Success Snapshots

Would be nice to be able to do the following while creating a Success Snapshot for export: 

  • change the font size
  • Align in the center, right, left
  • change font color
  • add hyperlinks to text
  • ability to add text over pictures
  • create tables in a text box and allow "tags" (not a table from a report)
  • text box bullets line up properly and not all funky where if that bullet point moves to a second line it does not line up with the bullet point it is attached to.
  • Allow for sub-bullets and sub-numbers
  • Get rid of funky spaces that show up at the top of a text box 
Andrew. Thanks for this feedback. We are planning to make improvements to Snapshots formatting next quarter. This is very helpful. Let me work on a detailed spec and I will run by you. Thanks.
Sounds great thanks!
These updates would certainly help our adoption with Success Snapshots. As it stands, we are using a PowerPoint template for our QBR, generating the report snapshot using Success Snapshots and then copying these slides into our PowerPoint template. If the formating options were enhanced in Success Snapshots, we could skip the step of copying/pasting slides. 
We are also quite interested in enhancing the Success Snapshot, primarily as a means to export the C360. The items that are top of our list are:

  • export Scorecard as it is seen on C360; provide same view options as on C360
  • formatting of token data - dates, currency etc.
  • options for reports - additional filters beyond what is in the report, specifically dates
  • sizing of graphs - visually looks better on C360. Compressed in the export

Charts currently export as picture (.jpg?) - it would be great if, at minimum, we could choose to add the value labels to the .jpg. Better yet, exporting as a ppt chart so it's fully customizable would be incredibly helpful.
Agreed. This would be exceedingly useful.
We have not adopted use of Success Snapshots yet because it's very limited.   Previous request around customizing a date range (  also if you have related list sections which report(s) will get exported with the snapshot?  All of them?  Can you select?
Not sure I understand your question. Success Snapshots can be customized you don't have to use the default export for the c360. We are customizing our Success Snapshots for quarterly reviews, monthly, etc. 
Hi Jeff, For Success Snapshots you can select which reports you'd like to include. Date range selection (overriding what is in the report) is an open item. Of course, it can be somewhat dynamic such as Last 30 days or Last Quarter, but I understand you want the end user to customize the date. 
Thanks Gaurav!
Gaurav noted below - we're looking for date range selection (giving end users ability to override what is in the report).  
Ahh now I see. Totally missed of those days. Love the idea!
The lack of formatting in Success Snapshots is one of my top issues, the Success Plan will not even utilize the format of my marketing generated templates even though a Dashboard export will.  No matter what template I use or what custom colors, the tables come out purple. Mind, these are with specific marketing generated templates down to each specific company color code.  Still purple and with Arial font.

The second, which is even more important, is the inability to export additional plan info.  You have all of these fields you can add or even create, but they will not export.  I'm adding it to the plan info area so that it can be exported, not sit in the C360.

I thought the November release would have the ability to include Data Spaces reports to Success Snapshots, but I do not see the ability to choose them from the source object when adding a report to the Success Snapshot.

Last, the Summary page picture of the percentage of Objective CTAs complete cuts off the names of the status in the Report Legend (i.e. Trending Overdue Obj....).  This can't be edited because its a picture.  

Success Snapshots / Success Plans are quickly gaining ground to be the prime tool for presenting our Success Plans and Business Reviews for my teams, but now we have to create external templates and insert/reformat the Success Plan slides.
All well said. I know that Success Snapshots is something that the teams are aware of that needs a face-lift and the value is definitely there to the end user so I'm hoping this will make it on the roadmap for 2017!
We're taking a first crack at using Snapshots this quarter... The charts come out looking OK, but there's no way to title them or change any of the labels.

And then the "usage" view is, for some reason, limited to 12 weeks, rather than the amount covered on the 360 page. I want to show at least the past year of activity.
Are you exporting the c360? If you are then you are not able to customize this. But you can create a custom Success Snapshot with your own titles to slides, etc. You are still not able to change any labels on graphs as they are pictures and not editable charts. 
I continue to get asks to have the ability to roll up child data in the success snapshot. Any thoughts on this? Also would be nice to get this into the whole success snapshot thing
I have a customer needing some enhancements to Success Snapshots as well. Below are their requests:

    Change font size
    Field formatting(date,
    currency, decimals)
    C360 Summary Section
    C360 Scorecard Section
    Dynamic Date Range when exporting
Gaurav- Do you have a timeline for any of these items?
+1 on some additional insight to plans to improve Success Snapshots  
I will add to this: ability to add and layer multiple pictures.

Success Snapshots is extremely limited. We cannot incorporate marketing ppt into the system due to its limitation in formatting.
Is there an update on the ability  to customize Success Snapshots with the above items?

We are in process on a paradigm shift on success plans. Much is still being worked on, but at a high level it will focus on allowing Gainsight data to be written into a PPT/Google Slide deck instead of creating the entire deck via Gainsight. This will give control over things like formatting, fonts, look & feel back in the hands of the creators via PPT/Slides. Look for more information on these new features in the coming months. 

Hello Everyone!

Success Snapshot 2.0 in SFDC and Success Snapshot in NXT enables admins to generate PowerPoint presentations with customer data and graphs from Gainsight, using your own customized presentation (business review deck) uploaded to the Success Snapshot repository, and help CSMs run their customer meetings (such as EBRs and QBRs). 

For more information on how to format Success Snapshots, refer to the SFDCNXT articles.

Thanks for posting!