Include Quick Access "Edit Rule" button from Dependencies

Currently when you access a Rule via the Data Management → Dependencies tab, it goes to the Rule Preview in a new tab. From there, I need to click Edit and open yet another tab in order to actually drill in a begin what I wanted to do initially. This results in several extra clicks. 

Not only that, but the Rule Preview tab does not even allow you to go to the Rule Listing page; it is strictly that one Rule Preview, making that tab almost completely useless. 

I would love an additional button on the dependencies tab that allows you to go directly into Edit Rule. Better yet: into Setup Rule. 

@gunjanm absolutely valid ask, less number of clicks is always more intuitive. True, Rule Preview tab should have an option to navigate to Rule Listing Page.

Don’t you want to know in how many tasks the Dependent field is used? I mean if you have 10 tasks for a rule, how do you know the dependent field usage? 

Don’t you want to verify the dependent field in all tasks before you remove? 

Please correct me if my understanding is wrong

@sai_ram yes and no. I can only really verify the dependencies when attempting to delete from the first fetch task. Plus it may not be about deletion. I can rarely get the answer to what I need from the Rule Preview. 

Hi Gunjan 

Does the flow chart below depict your pain point?

If so, We are currently working on improving the Dependencies tab. We will incorporate this feedback as well.

Flow Chart


@pgeorge yes that’s exactly it. Even having two options, such as go to Preview vs go to edit would be awesome. Thanks! 

Thank you. 

We will be looking into this step.

Will keep you posted on the updates.


Thank you