Improvement to rendering content in KC bot widget

We currently use the PX KC bot for product guidance. It is nice that the content (KC articles, docs, etc.,) is rendered within the PX widget itself. However, when the content has hyperlinks (pointing to external URLs), on clicking them, the user is taken away from the product to a new window or tab. It’d be nice to have those content rendered within the widget itself. 
Once the user navigates to another window or tab, it’d be difficult for engaging them back to the PX widget especially in the case of many hyperlinks. This can be improved from experience & goal standpoint of PX.

The KC Articles and docs that are rendered by the KC Bot come from either a) content that was authored within PX as hosted articles or b) content that was received from the API of a knowledge base platform - native integrations (i.e. Zendesk, SFDC)

Yes, any hyperlinks that may exist in the content rendered is opened in a new browser window tab. This is by design as the content that will be shown is now outside of the “walled garden.” There may be content, security concerns when opening up the web to the KC Bot and customers appreciate that security knowing that the KC Bot is not opened to the web. Maybe another option would be to provide a list of “allowed” url’s or domains that if selected would keep user within the KC Bot?

Hi Angelo,

Thanks for the swift response. Fair point on the product security concerns. Providing a list of allowed URLs and/or domains is definitely a great option to explore. Would it be considered for implementation?


Would love to see some more upvotes on the idea 🙂 but we can certainly consider it for this year’s (2021) roadmap.