Improve the Cockpit's UI

I've trained a few of the CSM members and collected their feedback regarding the cockpit area here. My hope is that you could leverage this feedback to continue to perfect this functionality, which overall adds a lot of value to the team:

1) Terminology - Many of the terms cross correlate to existing terms used in SFDC (Tasks, Opportunity, etc). For example: one of the CSMs has asked me whether a CTA of an opportunity type will now replace the use of opportunities in SFDC.

2) Filter buttons - the pre-filter buttons in the header are hard to understand and/or are not comprehensive enough. For example: it's unclear what happens when you click "show closed CTAs" - would it only show closed CTAs or whether we will see all CTAs including the closed ones.

3) Dialog Box - it's not easy to find the orange arrow that helps expand or collapse the CTAs.

4) Snooze - It's not clear whether adding a reason for the snooze is optional or a "must have". it takes some playing around with it to get how this works.

5) Concepts - The team previously used SFDC as their source system, where the concept of a CTA did not exist. The team struggles understanding how the CTA differs from tasks, and how they should use the Cockpit as their to do list.

6) Updating CTA attributes - ´╗┐´╗┐Updating a CTA attributes doesn't automatically impact the cockpit's list. For example: We took a CTA the was past due and changed it's due date to one that's in the future. We collapsed the dialog box, but the CTA remained in the "Overdue" group (until we refreshed the page).
Great input!
Very good feedback as we are working to make cockpit better. Thanks Irit.