Import tableau visualizations to Gainsight Dashboard

Hi Team, 

One of my customer was looking to import visualizations created in tableau into

gainsight dashboard. 


Business use case is purely that the visualizations available in Tableau are far more advanced than gainsight currently. It would be great for user to be able to report on the gainsight data in Tableau, and then import back the visualizations that CSMs can use in presentations with customers, as well as a more palatable visualization for reporting important metrics.

@hardik_mota I believe with Horizon Analytics you can embed Tableau reports onto the new Dashboards using the Web widget. Would that work?

@hardik_mota you can embed content from Tableau using a web page widget on Horizon Analytics dashboards.


If you want to use Tableau to visualize Gainsight data, you can use the Tableau connector for that:

Thanks @dan_ahrens & @bradleymcg !

AFAIK, they are aware to use tableau to visualize gainsight data via our web connector. Currently, they are looking for a way to import the tableau visualizations in gainsight. 


Let me check if the embed content from tableau using web page widget on horizon analytics satifies their requirement.