Idea. Enhance Rules Engine and Report Builder to include Bi-Weekly, Quarterly, and Semi-Annual Options.

With an upcoming process change, we're moving to Bi-Weekly, Quarterly, and Semi-Annual automated CTA's.  While we've come up with a workaround - it would be amazing if these were default options in both Rules Engine and Report Builder! 
If you schedule a rule independently (not within a Rule Chain), you can setup a CRON string for scheduling instead of the options you see within the Basic scheduler.

Let me know if you think this will help, I can also help you fashion the CRON string if needed.

Hopefully this helps for now.
Sweet! Thanks Rob!

[i]We got the approval to move forward with the 1st and 15th, but with the request to eventually get a true bi-weekly type action.
Cron doesn't appear to have a bi-weekly option, so I've had to build a funky workaround where I add an Upload Date column to an MDA table then include Upload Date = Rule Date in my filter criteria and schedule the rule to run weekly.  But since the data is only uploaded bi-weekly, the rule only takes any action every other week.