Idea: Ability to sleep CTAs for a given timeframe for a client

With new customers, we often see lead times of 30 days or more until clients receive onboarding and get operational. During this time, our CTAs still fire off and our CSMs spend time closing them. 

It would be great to have the ability to sleep all CTA activity for a specific client account for a timeframe so that the Cockpit view doesn't become overwhelmed with CTAs that are not actionable. 
Hi Scott,

You can snooze a CTA for a certain duration of time and the snoozed CTA will not show up in cockpit list. Please refer this doc for more details.


We would be great to sleep for all CTAs for a particular client, but we have something that works for now. Setting a filter to only include clients who have a production date of > 30 of report run will enable us to get this snoozing for the time being.