I created a way to quickly reference large rule tasks

I made some large rules and had trouble figuring out where I was in troubleshooting and which merges I needed. So I write my rules this way:

I have to do a little guessing on which letter layer the rule is going to end up at, but this has sped up my workflow in a major way. The troubleshooting UI improvement I would ask for is this to happen automatically, or color code the tasks with their tree (first task is red in the task list, the map position of the task is the same). 

For picking my merges that doesn't really help, there I would want some representation of which layer the data is at. 
This isn't a bad idea - though I would go one step further and say add the ability to click the task in the flow chart and edit directly from there.  Then the color-coding might not be as crucial.
I agree! I think I posted about a clickable rule map at some point. It would also be cool if that was a part of the merge UI, choosing options from trees instead of dropdowns would give me much much more context and help me choose tasks to merge faster. 
I have done the same thing, pre-fixing each Bionic Rule step with a letter. It absolutely makes troubleshooting more intuitive.

One additional complaint / suggestion. I wish the steps in the left column could be re-ordered. If I have to do excessive step maintenance, My A-B-C-D ordering eventually gets out of order, and it's a bit tricky to find the step on the left that corresponds to the step in the diagram.

One one more suggestion....with many steps (especially when performing many merges on many datasets) the diagram gets 'wide' and thus very small as it responds to the frame it resides within.