How to show scorecard measure description on end user's view of scorecard?

When we created the Relationship Scorecard measures, each has a field for a description.  However this description doesn't show on the end user's view of the scorecard when they're updating it.  We tried to work around this by using really long descriptive names for the measures, but those are also truncated in the end user's view after about 30 characters.  Can the UI be updated to show either the full name of the Measure or the Description somewhere the end users can see it?

I am assigning this post to Seth, our SME on Relationships. He will be able to track down an answer for you here. 


Steve Davis

We do not have the ability to show the measure description to the end user. However , what typically is needed to the CSMs is guidance when they are entering a score and for that we have Help Text configured.

If you can click on the Text symbol as marked below , you will get a popup where you can configure the message you want to show to the CSMs when they configure a measure.

When the CSMs are trying to add a manual score for a measure , then they can see the help text configured - 

I know this is not the same as showing the description but will this help you currently so that the end user can understand about the individual measures and guidance for the CSMs when they set manual scores. Hope this helps.


Abhishek S
I've got the help text all configured, but I was hoping to be able to give a quick summary of what each measure is for on the overall health scorecard, before clicking into each measure to access the help text.  Can you convert this to an improvement request?
All done. Thanks!