How SFDC and GSPX Connect Data. It would be so much better if the connection would have a way to link Contacts to SFDC without the Loader

If we had a admin window that would tell you if a User might be a Contact in SFDC and ask you if you want to connect them this could help with the errors and also allow a much easier way to connect only the contacts that you want to between GSPX and SFDC. The connection as it is today will be very difficult to maintain and keep up to date. Also if there are errors you cannot drill down in the report to see who the errors are an how to fix them so this connect falls short here. 

@skalle do we have any updates on potential improvements on this experience that you can share?

@smillertrimble There are some enhancements planned for the User Administration and Management module around APIs for Users, Error logging in Admin Console management etc. We have recently started enhancing the PX to SFDC data pull  to include more data metrics. I will add this request too around the SFDC-PX integration enhancements around the User sync capabilities too as part of mid term roadmap.