How does a user delete a recurring CTA they manually created?

Our users often setup monthly recurring calls as manual CTAs, however I can't find where to delete the recurring CTA. It seems you only have the option to delete 1 at a time. Am I missing something?
Hi Jenny:

From my knowledge this will take a little bit of work through a data loader or Workbench.  You'll need to run a query similar to this:

SELECT Id, Name, JBCXM__DueDate__c, JBCXM__Parent__c, JBCXM__Account__c FROM JBCXM__CTA__c WHERE JBCXM__Parent__c != null

This will display all CTAs where there is a parent record.  The parent record is what needs to be deleted to stop the recurring CTAs from firing.  Let me know if this helps.

I've done it through the Mass Edit in Cockpit Configuration. There's a field that shows Recurring True/False, and then, you can filter down the results you want to interact with..
Same here!
Thanks for the info, but it would be great to have users be able to do this themselves, similiar to Outlook meeting functionality. 
I had to track down a few of these this morning. It would be great to be able to see the recurring flag and adjust after you've created it. I had some showing up in my reporting that weren't in the cockpit for the CSM, and the only way I knew the reason was because I'd run across it before. What if there was another dropdown in the Cockpit to show Recurring CTAs and allow you to adjust the cadence or delete them there?

Support sees this issue frequently because unless you add the recurring field into the show fields, users think there is a mismatch in what they see in report builder vs. what they are seeing in cockpit and/or the c360 page. Our first troubleshooting step is to add that and check for recurring CTA's. I certainly 'me too' a better way for users to identify recurring CTA's. 
What would really be great (in addition to this) would be having the ability for the CSM to create a recurring CTA event that doesn't actually create the recurring CTAs until X days before it is due. I realize it is possible to do this with rules engine, but it isn't easy to scale every individual use case for a large number of CSMs.
Yes.  To everything.  The few CSMs at my company that have used the recurring CTAs have since quit as they just don't find enough value after you factor in all the downsides.

I ran into this issue last week and it is bizarre that the system allows to have an open recurring CTA that is hidden, not show by default in cockpit on C360!  The least I would expect is to expose “ all CTAs” in C360 > Cockpit when one choses the global filter “All CTAs” for a given account.

Now I have to train my management and CSMs each to go and hunt this mysterious recurring CTA. I can’t think of a better way to solve this.

@All, Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. Redirecting this to our product team.


@all Thank you for the feedback. We understand the problem and will try to solve this as a part of medium term roadmap. 

As a user, not being able to mass delete or change a recurring CTA is a major pain point