How can you show 0 in a report on dates?

We have reports created to  show the due date of specific CTA tasks grouped by week. However if there are no due dates for that particular week, the graphs skips the date. We want to be able to show 0 for these dates rather than have it skipped. Is it possible to require this on graph setup?


I tried with both line and bar graphs, and both skip the 0 week


Can you summarize the date by day? 

This will show all the dates even when the data itself is 0. 



The team is looking for a week by view. Why does show if you group by day and not by week, month, etc? Seems like you would want this to show 0 regardless of the grouping

Hi @andreammelde 

We only have the time series behavior to show empty data for days. The challenge here is primarily around the bounds - but its a problem that we want to solve. We are introducing more options to show 0’s and nulls regardless of the grouping as long as the date field is present in the Redesign of reporting.

@andreammelde did you get a chance to view our comments?

for now - this won’t solve bc the users need to see it by week not day. Is there a plan as to when the added options will be available?

Another vote for this enhancement to reports please.

+1 for this. This is becoming an increasingly frequent issue for Propeller.

In the new report builder, I am not not able to see 0’s on days either…. I am attempting to create a report that shows how many surveys are sent over a time period. Screenshot shows that days when 0 surveys were sent are just missing


@rakesh for latest on this thread 


@andutta  - I will get back on this soon, as of now the functionality for rendering days is not on HA for timeline charts 

Any update on this, looks like its been open of couple of years, Is this in pipeline by any chance?

Not a fun solution, but a possible option, would be to do a full join with a dates object to get the empty weeks and force a zero to be stored.

My idea, admittedly a workaround, is similar to @rachelhibbardtmo‘s proposal. If you build a Data Designer or a new custom object to store these tallies, you can likely display the 0’s.


Incidentally, I very much enjoy how Adoption Explorer reporting handles 0’s and bills, with a checkbox inside the report that displays or suppresses the null values. AR may be a great inspiration as the Gainsight team approaches potential solutions to this 0’s issue in the Report builder.