Hover option in Product Mapper


As we all know that we have a great feature in PX called product mapping. We can map any elements, Urls, buttons etc with the help of the Mapping.


So, After mapping the feature to particular element(consider a button for e.g), to get it trigger as used, The user should definitely click the button. If the user didn’t click, the feature won’t be considered as used.


But there might be some cases, where the description of the button/element is provided, to know this description, User don’t need to click on it. They can simply Hover on the element to get the description. In that situation, button/element is actually used but since the user didn’t click on it PX won’t trigger it as used.


So, How about having a Hover option in the product mapper (Just like how we can have in the Engagements) at-least for some selectors like [.px-step-navigation-next] buttons or the [.px-close-button] elements. 

This option would be much helpful and can improve the user experience.


Thoughts are welcome…!!




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