Hover/Help Text on Attributes

I have a desire from my business users to have hover/help text for individual data attributes in Gainsight - similar to the functionality available in native SFDC. This is currently a limitation of Gainsight unfortunately. We've determined a number of workarounds to this requirement, however it would be a great feature to see in Gainsight in the future. I can see it being helpful in the enablement of new CSMs to the platform.

Has anyone else in the Community expressed interest in hover text?

Love this idea! So far, I've gotten around it by adding the tips where possible in the field name. For example: Next EBR Date (Due 30 Days From), but that's definitely not possible for all of them.

Great point Heather - the help text to clarify our fields would definitely surpase what we could reasonably tack onto the field label. Good to hear the workaround is working for you so far...

Yes I've seen a few posts out here on it. Two here:



Did we make any headway on this?

Love this idea!

It would be good to have a hover/help text for Reports that is shown in Dashboards to explain the content

Hi Gainsight support team - Can you please tell if this idea is being considered for implementation?

Hello everyone, 


Thank you for sharing this idea. We are providing the ability to give help text for attributes in one of our upcoming releases.