Horizon Analytics - KPI Widget - Goal & Variance

Hello Team, 


I don't have words to explain my gratitude for the planning and effort you guys put into Horizon Analytics. As one of your people said, Horizon Analytics is still a new born; hence, we all will contribute to add more meaningful functionalities which will make the app even more attractive. 


I can see as per this idea you have enabled the Goal and Variance feature on the KPI Widgets. I feel the issue here is that the goal can only be set as a "Static Value”. Please correct me if I am wrong. 


I really think that the system must allow the admins to dynamically set the Goal value. Allowing the admins to map a field to the Goal field of KPI widgets will enable the admins to make use of the KPI widget in wide range of reports/dashboards.

@kumaranbcak thank you for your gratitude. Credit goes to super here @rakesh and our experts engineering team. 

Your feedback will beshared with our product team. 

Hi @kumaranbcak 

Thank you for the feedback and the idea. 

We do have plans to make sure you can add another KPI report as a goal to an existing KPI report. Let me know if this dynamic capability can help solve your needs.

@rakesh - Thanks for sharing info. I think the whole Gainsight Community will be happy with what you said. 


What you say is a KPI report can be set as a goal to another KPI report. Is it possible to have a single KPI report which can have both Target and Goal. I am just curious to know the possibility.

Hello Team, Any update on this.

We’d also like to do this, so have Sum of one field as the Goal and Sum of another field (same object) as the number in the middle of the widget. 

This is for individuals achievement towards their targets, e.g. for ARR renewals. 

Would also really like this feature. A dynamic goal that could be set via a CASE statement would be really helpful to set goals based on how an org segments teams.